DBT: Self Soothing with a Bedtime Story (at any age!)

Last night after having an anxiety attack and feeling lonely, I thought back to when I was very little and my mother would read me stories until I fell asleep. I got to know the stories so well that I would catch her when she was tired and tried to skip a page. Just thinking about this positive memory was soothing.

Years later, I ended up in foster homes and then group homes. One of my best memories in the all girls group home was when one of our house mothers would read me bedtime stories. So what if I was fifteen? I felt so much comfort and felt so soothed. Before I moved to another group home, she made a recording of her reading Peter Pan, and I cherished it and listened to it whenever I needed to soothe -- long before I knew anything about DBT.

No matter your age, if you think you would be comforted by someone reading you a bedtime story, I have good news. Last night I did a google search and came up with several websites that offer free recordings.

If your device doesn't do flash (like my iPad), check out this site:


If you have flash, here are a few other options:
Free Children's Books Online (audio)

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