Stop Sabotaging!

If you're ready to Stop Sabotaging your life and start creating a LIFE WORTH LIVING through DBT, download my newest book, Stop Sabotaging: A 31 Day DBT Challenge to Change Your Life from Smashwords.

 Here's what the book covers:
  • what sabotaging is
  • why, as emotionally dysregulated individuals, we tend to do it, and 
  • strategies for shifting out of this destructive pattern and radically changing your life
The book includes a 31 day practice of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills, and keeping a journal as you read (whether old school pen and paper or a memo app on your smart phone) is essential.
The book contains skills and challenges that help you learn to:
  • know and love yourself more
  • connect more appropriately and closely with others
  • change how you view and value your life so that you reduce or virtually eliminate self-sabotaging from the options you choose from on a daily basis.  

Introduction by Alicia Paz, M.A., LLPC
Afterword by Amanda Smith, founder of My Dialectical Life
Click HERE to download now!

Click here to HERE psychologist Dr. Ginger Peterson recommend my books on "The Mental Health Happiness Hour" podcast with Paul Gilmartin.  (Please note that this podcast by Paul Gilmartin contains vulgarities.) Segment starts at 36:48.